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For those that don’t know me, my name is Sheridan Greer. I’m from northern Oklahoma, born and raised. I’m happily married to my wonderful husband Jeff, and we have two beautiful babies, Aceson and Adilynn.  We’re a very close little pack and spend as much time as we can together enjoying our time with friends and family.


My background of art started very early. One of my first memories is from when I was probably about five years old and trying to copy pictures from my coloring books and drawing them on a new piece of paper. I remember my mom thinking I was just tracing it until she realized the size difference. From that moment on we knew I had a touch of skills. I come from a long line of artists. Paints, pastels, crafts, charcoal, wood making, all from both my mother’s side and father’s side. I always enjoyed art classes growing up, and took them all through high school. I tried other things, like painting and ceramics, but I always went back to pencil. Color was never really my thing. I’ve had many ask me about it. I just always loved the look of black and white and stuck with it.


I ended up getting a full art scholarship to Cowley County Community College in Arkansas City, KS. I loved it there and enjoyed learning many new techniques. After graduating there, I took a break from art. During college, I fell in love with charcoal, so from time to time I would get on the floor and draw a picture that moved me. 


It wasn’t until I started staying home with my son, in 2016, that I started drawing again. I had a few family members who wanted some portraits done of their grandchildren. I posted some pictures on my social media and it caught like wild fire. I quickly was getting messages on doing commission. It has stuck ever since. I still try to better my work, so I follow many other artists on social media and try to take tips and advice on how to perfect my art even more. 

The question I get asked the most is ‘how long does it take to do one drawing’.  It all of course depends on the picture, and the size, but on average an 8x10 usually takes me about 3 hours to complete. That’s with no interruptions from my 3 year old and 2 year old of course. However, I will say that as I learn more, my drawings start taking longer to complete. When I first started back up in 2016, I could sometimes finish one in 45 minutes. Now, I try to put so much more effort into my work that an average 8x10 can take 5 hours if needed. 


I love what I do though. It’s getting the messages back, after sending the final photo of the piece that really makes my world. Hearing how happy the customer is, or how touched they are by the moment created, is a wonderful feeling. I thank God every day for my gift and I’m thankful I’m able to bring light into so many homes with my art. It’s what I’m meant to do.

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